electrical installation condition reports (eicr)

Electrical installation must meet regulated standards in order to ensure safety. Faults with the fuse board, switches or sockets could cause electric shock or fire, causing injury and damage to occupants.

According to a report by Electric Safety First, electricity fires affect 20,000 homes in the UK every year. Electrical products cause 89 per cent of the fires, while 11 per cent are caused by faulty wiring. Most of these incidents could be avoided by regular inspection and maintenance of electric systems.

Landlords are expected to ensure the safety of every tenant throughout their tenancy in the property. This includes making sure that electrical appliances, wires and fuse boxes are safely installed and working properly.

Regular visual inspections to detect potential electrical issues are necessary. However, some cables and wires are hidden from plain sight and may be overlooked by an electrician who’s not qualified.

we can provide qualified electricians to check your property and issue an electrical installation condition report (EICR) to prove that your property confirms to high levels of safety standards.