Our maintenance

Repair and maintenance services for private roads. 

Outdoor and column lighting

We run a robust planned, preventative maintenance programme to ensure your assets are working as planned.

BS 7671 (IET Wiring Regulations) relates to our street lighting maintenance located on private roads and unadopted roads that are maintainable privately. Typical clients are building developers, private companies,  housing associations, residents associations and landlords

Private Lighting & cctv maintenance Services

Dust, dirt, smudges, and fingerprints on your camera lens can significantly degrade the quality of your videos. Regular cleaning ensures your lens are free from obstructions, allowing it to capture sharp, clear, and vibrant images.

Our maintenance services encompass all components to ensure all aspects of your street fixture are working as intended.
Wiring and power issues
  • G39 Electrical safety in the planning, maintenance and installation
  • Checking for column power
  • Polarity is wired correctly 
  • There are no exposed or damaged wiring.
  • There are no loose wires.
  • The picture and sound transmission (if applicable) is clear and not affected by the incidental movement of any wires.
  • All monitors are showing a clear picture, as intended.
  • All operational switches and related equipment are functioning.
  • All contrast, brightness and picture settings are set appropriately to cater for different light and weather conditions to ensure the clearest picture with the current setup.

Camera lens clean

  • Camera lenses cleaned and debris removed.
  • Reduced Glare and Flare: Dirty or smudged lenses can cause glare, lens flares, and unwanted reflections in your videos, particularly when shooting in bright light.
  • Longevity and Equipment Maintenance
  • Over time, dust and debris on the lens can infiltrate the camera internals, potentially causing damage. 
  • Cleaning the security camera lens reduces the risk of contaminants affecting the camera's sensitive components, including the sensor.
  • Spider, birds and natural interference.

Vandalism inspection

  • All cameras are inspected for damage, wear or degradation.
  • Cameras have not been vandalised or interfered with in any way.
  • Wiring has not been tampered with
  • Ensuring all fixings that contain and protect the camera and attach the camera to the tower and/or wall are fastened securely.
  • All stored recordings can be accessed, transferred and played back immediately and without issues.
  • Power cut
  • Lens broken or ink/paint vandalism  

General inspection

  • The cameras have adequate view of the key areas they are monitoring.
  • If any areas have since been obscured by foliage, for example, that this is assessed and recommendations made to clear the area as soon as possible.
  • Tree trimming 
    Any related motion detection setup is functioning and firing as anticipated.
  • If the cameras are controlled remotely, we’ll ensure the PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) is functioning as intended and in real time.
  • All footage is time and date stamped correctly.
  • All recordings are backed up, stored for the appropriate amount of time.


We have established an excellent reputation for an extensive range of electrical services. Our services include design, supply, installation, testing, repair and maintenance of the following;

  • High-level lighting column
  • Floodlighting
  • Lighting bollards
  • Feeding pillars
  • Ground recessed lighting
  • Canopy lighting
  • Illuminated street furniture.
We undertake energy efficient surveys to ensure solutions and will advise on making lighting system upgrades where appropriate.


We can deliver a complete planned preventative maintenance service, incorporating but not exclusive to:

  • Fault reporting including underground fault detection and repairs
  • Re-lamping, cleaning and servicing of luminaires including lamp disposal
  • Planned maintenance/conditions reports
  • Periodic testing, inspection and certification
We follow strict procedures to ensure a continued accurate and timely response to all reported faults and maintenance.

L.E.D. Street Lighting

This is a popular area within our portfolio and with our knowledge of the industry we have been working with housing associations and landlords to provide new cost effective lighting to replace timed and inefficient lighting.

Our designs include proposals of where lighting should be provided, at what levels and which styles of lighting columns and lanterns best serve to integrate into key street scenes and conservation areas.

We make recommendations for the control of lighting and reduction or elimination of obtrusive light and we maintain cost-efficient regimes.


The need for appropriate lighting, providing the correct levels of illuminations whilst remaining environmentally aware, has become extremely significant and we strictly adhere to incorporating this into our business policy.

When designing lighting we take into consideration optimisation, energy efficiency and product life cycle analysis. We consider the use of sustainable materials, light pollution and the needs of local people.

Our innovative technical and operational solutions also recognise people’s growing concerns with environmental issues and energy costs.

Why Do You Need lens cleaning Maintenance?

Without routine, preventative maintenance, your CCTV system is far more likely to develop faults or, worse still, fail completely. If CCTV monitors are not manned you may even be unaware a problem exists until the time evidence is required from the cameras.

If you’re aware the CCTV system is not functioning correctly you’re left to rely solely on the visual deterrent effect of CCTV but, without being able to access or use crucial CCTV footage when you need it as evidence.

The risk of any business premises being breached, vandalised and assets stolen is high enough as it is, but without routine checks and a maintenance service for your CCTV system the costs associated with this are potentially huge, and will always be more the cost of CCTV maintenance itself.

Diminished fixtures first

This evaluation should cover the entirety of your lighting system. An annual evaluation, regardless of the type of system or fixtures you have in place, will help you to spot any areas that may not be performing at full capacity. 

It also helps you identify areas that could be improved upon in terms of efficiencies such as an area that would benefit from installing daylight level sensors or diffusers to the fixture for a softer illumination. 

An evaluation should encompass all aspects related to lighting from whether or not a different colour temperature would improve work productivity in a particular area to dealing with fluorescent fixtures that are flickering too much.

Perform group relamping.

If a bulb burns out, you naturally replace it. This creates a cycle of lighting maintenance that is scattered and seemingly unpredictable. 

Many large scale and even some smaller operations do what is called group relamping. For example, if you know a bulb will last for an estimated number of hours, you can set up a schedule that means all the lamps in an area should expire around the same time. 

If your lamps have an average life rating of 4,000 hours and your business operates them 2,000 hours a year, then you will need to relamp every two years. This will also help you determine a cleaning schedule since cleaning and relamping should be done at the same time to create minimal disturbances to the fixture.

maintenance solutions

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G39 Electrical safety
ipaf trained staff
NHSS qualified

We pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions to every business and organisation we work with, backed by years of indoor and outdoor lighting experience.

We not only provide a maintenance solution you need now, but one that will help your business remain secure into the future – with regular reviews to understand your changing security requirements.

Contact our team today to discuss a CCTV and street lighting maintenance service package that works for you.